I watched The Vow! (2012)

It`s Valentines Day so my boyfriend treated me out to the movies and I got to pick the movie so I chose a romance movie that I`ve been wanting to watch called <strong>The Vow</strong> starring Channing Tatum. My boyfriend wasn`t too happy on the movie choice but he had to deal with it, hehe. =)

In fact many guys had to deal with it.. the movie line went like this..

(9481841093 Couples standing in line)

Girl: (Approaches the movie ticket box): 2 tickets to the Vow
Guy: (Standing next to girl): Whips out the $20 bucks cash and pays

After we got out of the movies there was even a line set up for those who want to watch the movie after 6:30 PM so the movie is expected to be crowded.

<strong>What`s the movie about?</strong>

The movie starring Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) are a couple. One night they were in a severely impacted car accident that left Paige in a coma and she has serious memory loss. She doesn`t even remember her husband, Leo. Leo tries to help her regain her memory but it doesn`t work. The only memory she remembers is when she was still living at home. Leo gave up in "trying" and believes if this love is meant to be, that they will be together again in the future.

Watch the movie to find out:
- What memory does Paige remember?
- Why didn`t Leo meet Paige`s family?
- Did Leo and Paige become united?

I don`t want to spill the movie for those who want to watch it but I was actually disappointed in the movie. It was a long movie (approximately) 104 minutes and there were some cute parts but it didn`t technically entertain me as much. I actually yawned a few times. My boyfriend obviously didn`t enjoy it.. right after he ended he was like OMG, I can`t believe I sat through a boring movie. He was having a hard time staying awake. If I had to rate the movie I would give it a 3.5/5 stars.

<strong>Have you seen The Vow? What did you think of it?</strong>

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