I want to talk HIP DIPS!

Hey ladies! So hip dips...

Have you heard of them? I`ve always had wider hips, and this is just due to my skeletal structure. But I didn`t notice my hip had a dip until a couple of months ago, lol seriously!
I tried on a few right dresses and thought... Is that supposed to look like that? So I went home and googled it of course and found it`s a very comment thing amongst us women!
Now, among reading all the information about hip dips, it was said they are permanent. That you cannot lose them. WELL! Wrong!
I believe we should all love ourselves no matter what, but if we are unhappy about something, and can change it why not? You just need to be dedicated. Upon dieting and exercising I have found my hip dip to become much less apparent! I mean, I can still see it a little but nothing that is that much of a big deal.

Do you guys have hip dips too?!

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