I Took The Dive - Amazon Giftcard Reward

3 years ago

After spending four years (what?!?!) here on Luuux and seeing the numerous changes the site has gone through, I`ve decided it`s finally time to take the dive and `cash out` my rewards. And I really love the newest option! Currently, Luuux is only offering Amazon giftcards, but that`s totally fine with me! :)

I`ve gotten perfume from the old Luuux shop before and had been saving up for the coveted LV bag, but since those are no longer options, I was wondering what else would be worth it. I`ve devoted so much time and love to this site. I am very happy with my reward though - a $300 Amazon giftcard.

I feel that, this way, I am free to truly purchase what I want now instead of being `confined` by the items in the shop, like it used to be. For example, I just bought a camping hammock on Amazon. Now, I`ll have $300 to spend on other things I actually want/need. It`s a win-win!

So although my Luuux account is now the lowest it`s been in 4 years, I can say I am very happy :) I am definitely staying, though! Expect more posts and awesomeness!!

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