I TAZE YOU @ Ultimate TaZer Ball (Well not really me but they will)

Have you ever been tazed? How did it feel? I wouldn`t want to but I have seen it on television and although it may not be real the look of getting tazed looks hurtful. This sport is called <strong>Ultimate Tazer Ball</strong>. Each player is equipped with a stun gun (intended to shock/zap the opponent).

<strong>How to play Ultimate Tazer ball?</strong>

Objective: Carry or throw ball into the opponents goal.

Two teams of 4, total of 8 players needed
Tackling is allowed however punching is not allowed
You can ONLY taze the player who has the ball
YOU CANNOT TAZE the groin area (LOL!! That is a good rule) or shoulders

Overall: This game is like a combination of soccer, hockey and rugby in one. You are still running like you would in all three sports, carry/throw the ball instead of kicking but throwing like rugby and like hockey cause you need to make the ball in the opponents goal.

<strong>What do you think of the game? Would it be interesting to watch? Do you think this game will be popular in the long run like how wrestling/kick boxing is?</strong> I think it would be interesting to watch but I don`t think I`d be able to watch it for long since I`m sure the person being tazed will fall to the ground and then it`s like OH Are they okay? I don`t think I like the idea of this sport.

There are game events scheduled in California, Mexico. Upcoming events are in Bangkok, Thailand right now though.

Photos via http://dsc.discovery.com/adventure/ultimate-tazer-ball-is-the-most-shocking-sport-ever-and-its-no-hoax.html

Source link: http://dsc.discovery.com/adventure/ultimate-tazer-ball-is-the-most-shocking-sport-ever-and-its-no-hoax.html

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