I screw up

5 years ago

Hi luxers....
I was not very good in eating this weekend...I was trying to bake this dish that is normally fried but since baking didn`t taste all that good, I ended up frying them. I ate fried food both days, even for breakfast. Then I was craving pie so I ended up going to this bakery and bought bagel for dinner, pie, chocolates, and double fudge brownie.

Reason for me to write this post is because I was really good for 2 weeks...counting calories and going over my given calories by 50 points only. Friday we didn`t go for work out because my husband had headache and Saturday I had indigestion because I ate too late. Sunday I didn`t really work out because I attended Kundilini yoga.

Anyways my point is that even if I or you slip from track and realize....you can recover from it. You have to get that stability back. Close your eyes and remember your goal or how you good you were doing before the slip and think of today as a new day and start it again. If it was less than a week thing then it unhealthy eating wouldn`t have affected that badly. I don`t know what stage you are and how well you are working at your healthy goal...Maybe you didn`t have a slip or a binge. Just wanted to encourage those who felt bad after a slip.

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