I scared myself ....

I am Latina, I don`t really sun burn, I tan, in fact I golden tan and boy did I worship the sun back in my day. I used to lay out, slather myself with suntan oil, I`d bust out my walkman (yes, back in the day is a REALLY long time ago) and just lay out by the pool to fully bake. as I`ve gotten older I`ve learned that the sun isn`t always our friend and as it is I`m doing all I can to keep wrinkles away, baking at my age is not a good idea. now how did I scare myself?

oh it was warm out here, warm enough to wear shorts & a tshirt - so I did, and then I looked down. holy cow my legs are soooooo pale !!! wth? I`m Latina, aren`t I supposed to be genetically tanned or golden or something? so I did the sensible thing, I started digging around under my bathroom sink and I found all my self tanning glow giving goodies. last summer I tried a bunch of "lotions" and these are the ones I liked the most:

Dove Energy Glow - this one is very subtle, it`s really one of those you can use every day or every other day and the change is extremely gradual. it doesn`t leave me orange but you can totally smell that "tint" scent. I do believe this one is now discontinued because I haven`t seen it around.

Loreal Sublime Bronze - I hate it everywhere on my body except for my back, and that`s possibly because I can`t really see it LOL the good thing about it is it sprays even when the can is upside down so yeah, this is my back one.

Banana Boat Summer Color - this is for sure my favorite, gives me a very rich color fast, smells yummy, doesn`t leave me orange, feels good on my skin.

Nivea Sun Kissed Radiant Skin - this one I think has a bit of luminosity to it, so it leaves a slight sheen on the skin and it`s the lightest of them all so I use it on my arms, the darkest part of my body. I can`t smell the "tint" as much as I do with the Dove one.

now what do I do about my face?

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