I saved $104 on Vince Camuto Booties!!!

4 years ago

I can`t believe I waited this long to post this! I can`t remember what month it was, but I think it was during Mother`s Day. Oh yeah! It was because I took my siblings to go eat at Pho Nola. Since we were around the area by the Esplanade Mall we decided to stop by the mall in which we haven`t been there in ages. I was shock to hear it was still there and they had customers inside the mall. HAHA I do remembered when my little sister told me her co worker told her that either Dillards (I think this one) or JCPenny was turned into an outlet store. I know our Old Navy in that mall is an outlet store for sure! Anywho, my sister and I made our way around the mall. When I saw that department store it said <strong>EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!</strong> Say what? I didn`t even bother looking through the rack and racks of clothes because it was every where! I went straight to the shoes section. LOL

How would I describe this... When I got to the section I love how they built this giant wooden piece to display all the shoes. I might have to take a picture the next time I come back. But yeah! The shoes were categorize by the sizes so I checked out 7 1.2 and 8. While I made my way around the size 8 sections. I spotted a bunch of boots from all different brands. Mostly brand names like Jessica Simpson, Vince Camuto, Steve Madden, Gianni Bini and etc! I browsed and OMG! I spotted this and fell in love with it! When I turned it over I recognized Vince Camuto logo on the bottom of the booties. Even though there was a sticker I knew my stuff! HAHA I was going to purchase it for $48.65 right? Well, when my sister saw me I showed her the booties. She immediately told me you know its an <strong>EXTRA 30% off!</strong> Wait! Let`s rewind back! The booties were originally for $139, but they were 65% off the original price. Making it $48.75 PLUS the EXTRA 30% off making the booties $34.12. Tax aren`t included yet! I couldn`t believe my own eyes when I left with a paired of Vince Camuto for only $35 bucks! I saved over $104.00! Whoohoo! These are my first booties and I`m super excited to wear! Work it baby! HAHA

FYI, he was down in New Orleans last year because I remembered seeing his display at the mall. It was the day after my Birthday when he came to visit. He had a little fashion show going on, but yeah! I`ll show you the display I was talking about in the picture below.

<strong>Original price:</strong> $139.00
<strong>SAVED:</strong> $90.35 (this is when the 65% was taken off)
<strong>Sale price:</strong> $48.65
<strong>SAVED:</strong> $14.62 (this is when the extra 30% was taken off)
<strong>Subtotal:</strong>$34.12 without tax

<strong>OVERALL SAVED:</strong> $104.00

1. Do you own anything from Vince Camuto?
2. Are you a big fan of his collections?

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