I received my #4 Luuux order.. White ipod Touch!

Hiya luuuxers!

So many of you might had seen that my luuux balance a while a go was nearly reaching the 20.000luuux$ and even though i was excited because i was going to reach a goal i had never hit before because i kept ordering LOL.. i decided to cave in and place another order.. but once again, NOT FOR MY SELF :(

I decided to place an order for the Ipod touch 8gb.. and this time i wasnt even focusing on the order because i had my little girl needing looking after. I was very surprised when my order changed status to processing and a few days later i had an email from Ana asking if i wanted a white one or a black one.. which i was so confused about seeing i have never seen a white ipod touch before! I asked for a white one but then she emailed back saying that they were out of stock.. i couldve waited a month or just simply order the black one so i choose the black one!

Two days later i got another email from ana saying that they had sent her the WHITE ONE!! and she was going to ship it out by UPS. She shipped it out yesterday (02/01/2012) and i received it less than ten minutes agoo!! she gave me a tracking code too but i checked it this morning and it said it would be delivering today which i was so stoked about!

The reason why i ordered the ipod touch was because my cousin is getting married in England this summer and i know my mum really wants to go and spend time with her family seeing she barly sees them.. She doesn`t want to spend her money on a flight because she feels bad so i thought i could sell it and pay for her flight.. Now im really wanting to keep this ipod, so im not sure if i will keep it and take the money out of my bank.. or sell it and i can allways save up more points for another one.. So far im heading towards selling it but if i dont i will let u guys know what i think about it!

Sorry i couldn`t take better pictures.. i don`t want to open the box because i want to sell it Brand new.. not second hand. It doesn`t look white in the images because it has a black sticker on top so it looks like a black ipod.

I didn`t loose any points in this order which im SOOO happy with ! this was my order process:

Date Status Message
02/15/2012 - Order created.
02/21/2012 Processing -
03/01/2012 Completed -

The total cost for the ipod was 16,488luuux$ /229.00
but i had to pay 855luuux$/12.00 for the shipping.. so in total i spent 17,343luuux$/241.00

*images belong to me.

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