I really hate luuux sometimes ...

4 years ago

Im kidding, i love luuux . But i always see such good (mainly unhealthy) food posts on here which always triggers my cravings and i always HAVE TO have it. Im trying to eat healthy here people! (not like it`s working anyways) hahah well today i happened to see a post ... Liliana Lopez posted a post about her ice cream sandwiches and once again, I HAD TO HAVE IT. Giiiirl you kill me LOL

My brother was out at the time and i asked him to stop by the store to pick me up some ice cream sandwiches. He came home with a box of ice cream sandwiches from dairy queens the box came with 12, im not sure how much it cost since i wasnt there when my brother bought it.

This was sooooo yummy & satisfying especially since it`s summertime and my house feels like a sauna LOL. I swear I finished this in like 2 minutes, i totally could`ve had a second one but i knew i was gonna regret it the next morning. Then again, i know im gonna eat another one tomorrow anyways :P I liked that it wasnt too sweet and the outside was kinda like a cakey texture. Dairy Queens is my new loveeee

<strong>What`s your favourite ice cream?</strong>

[ *Picture is mine, please do not take it without permission. ]

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