I NY nails! (:

+ white polish (thin brush, preferably)
+ red polish
+ black polish
+ & if you want to make king kong, brown polish
+ beige polish
+ clear top coat
+ (opt) glitter

- STEPS ;;

step O1. paint all your nails with a white base coat, twice(:

step O2. so, let`s start with the thumb, as always. this one`s kind of tough so you might have to ask someone else to do it. hold your thumb with your nail pointing right, & with the black polish, carefully outline the letters I, NY, as shown in the picture. it might help if you use a thin brush. Just write out the letters, and then add a little tick to the letters, (like in N, and Y, there`s a ticks on the edges, if you know what i mean?), & then draw in a heart with the red nail polishh.

step O3. on the rest of your fingers, we;re just goin to paint on little black rectangles of different sizes. they DON`T have to be perfect & uniform, just to represent our skyscrapers(:

step O4. on the ring finger, draw the empire state building, all you REALLY have to do is draw a thin line at the top of the building.

step O5. using your white brush, draw grids of dots on one or two of the buildings on each nail. you don`t have to do all of the buildings, and they don`t have to be perfectly square or whatnot. just so that they look like windows(:

step O6. now time for king kong. take your brown polish, and towards the top, roughly draw a circle for his head. then draw a little oval below his head, for his body, about twice the size of his head. then draw four little curved lines wrapping around the building for his limbs.

step O7. let it dry a bit & then paint a little beige cricle on king kong`s head to represent his face.

step O8. this is optionaly, but when i do this im going to dust some glitter lightly on the ring finger with KK, just because i view NYC as a bright, shiny, beautiful place.

step O9. paint over with a clear top coat(:


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