I Needed a Watch and ASOS Sold Me One

5 years ago

This is my new watch. Well not yet, it hasnt arrived. I would have shown you it on my wrist if it had. Never-the-less, I cannot wait to receive this through the post. Theyre told me I will receive it in a day or two, and on that day Im going to greet the postman, like he is a king among men. There is a story as to how I came to purchase this watch, and it is not a long one. The following is my attempt to tell you. Everybody does want to look nice, whether you want to admit it or not (Im looking at you, overly macho dudes), but some people just dont have the time. Luckily there is a website out there that is like a fashion wizard. A fashion wizard with only one mission: to make fashion simple for everybody. This website is ASOS. Okay, so my introduction might have lost the plot a little bit there, but it doesnt change the fact that ASOS is a pretty good site for a man like me who wants to look good, but doesnt really have the time to read fashion magazines. Instead, all I have to do now is sit at my computer, go to the site, and browse to my hearts consent. This could not have any greater appeal to the lazy person inside of me, who never wants to leave the house. Ive found so many things on there; its as if I hate money. If youre not familiar with ASOS, then a) thats kind of weird, and b) youre really missing out. ASOS collect all of the fabulous big fashion names of the world together in one place. Most of the time they actually offer their items at a much lower price than regular high-street retail stores, which is great for poor(ish) people like me. They completely understand that everybody likes a bargain (and who doesnt!). My latest expedition onto ASOS was in the search for a good quality watch. Im quite particular with http://www.asos.com/Men/Watches/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=5034: they tend to be a bit too bling for my liking. My last watch was a £15 silver Casio watch, which I had for about 6 years before some unexpected circumstances which ended in my watch being obtained by some other individual. It was a great little watch. In fact the package said the battery would only last two years, yet I never changed it once. I might have been living in the wrong time for many of those years, but I never noticed, so I probably wasnt. When I went on their site to find a replacement for my watch, I found they stocked the exact same watch. But I did not buy the watch, for there is a twist in this tale. Instead I bought another watch. Another watch I can only describe as attractive. Thats right attractive. In fact their whole watch section was filled to the brim with exquisite watches. Right now you may be thinking its just a watch, who cares?, are you even making a point here? But a watch in not simply just a watch: a watch is a reflection of the man. It gives a lot of information away about who and what you are. In my case, I feel this watch says one thing and one thing only: Im awesome. Thank you ASOS. T. fashion

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