I need coffee!!!

5 years ago

it was a nice spring break with lots of sleep (and more importantly without caffeine!), but my stupid professor decided to schedule a very important midterm for the first day of class after spring break -_- that means i`m going to be living on coffee tonight and tomorrow night. i don`t even understand why professors would ever even do this. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING, GAH!

anywho, i didn`t want to spend any money and decided to stop by starbucks as i have a $5 gift card. DAMN the prices at starbucks have gone up so much! i ordered a tall skinny vanilla latte, EXTRA HOT because i`ve never had an espresso beverage come out as hot as i`d like it from starbucks. it was $3.25! ohhhh my goodness, i need to get a coffee maker and just make my own coffee at home from now on with those prices!

it was a good latte but i`m still shocked by the price. my $5 gift card only has $1.75 left now and all i ordered was a tall latte! ugh. i`ll probably go back sometime and spend it on some pastry, but i`m sticking to peet`s for my coffee beverage needs from now on.

as for studying and my midterm, may the odds be ever in my favor...

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