I made Meringues! For the first time!

5 years ago

At the moment i just love Meringue! So i decided that i would make my own batch! i know it can be hard to make so i was happy with my first attempt!

So i did get the recipe online, but i used it as more of a guideline. So i`ll just tell you what <strong> I personally did</strong>

Oh and this works really well! We are going to have it with cream & strawberries! YUM!

<strong> What you need:</strong>
4 egg whites.
1 cup of Caster sugar

<strong> What to do:</strong>

Preheat oven to 120 degrees, then when you put them in put them down to 90 degrees.

1. First you need to beat the egg whites till soft peaks appear, after all the bubbles are gone and it can stand up by itself.
( I let it set to room temp, i added some rock salt in it and put a cup on top of the egg cup, just because I can.)

2. Add the sugar one spoon full at a time, i beat the mixture together for about 10 minutes, basically till the sugar has disolved in it.

3. Spoon 2 table spoons onto a lined tin, i made mini ones that you cook for about 45 minutes but i didn`t get a picture of it. The bigger ones in for about a hour and a half!

THAT"S it! It`s simple, and are yum! The mini ones are great for kids! Everyone loved them! I am happy for my first attempt!

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