I made cookies + my 1st snickerdoodle attempt!

4 years ago

Hola Luuuxers!!
This past week i was in a baking mood!! I love baking, and although i dont consider myself a true baker, i do a puuurdy good job. These are sugar cookies from Betty Crocker that are easy to make, just add 1 egg, 1/2 cup of butter and a little water. I used milk instead of water, i added vanilla extract for a little added flavor and i baked them 8-10 minutes at 350. Since i broke the top on my baking spray i had and have yet to get a new one, ive been struggling to keep my baked goods from burning a little on the bottom, i used a little butter on the cookie sheets and put a little flour on top of the butter to help a little. (Please let me know any tricks or ideas you have!). My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles so i wanted to make my first attempt at them. I didnt make many since i didnt know how they would turn out. The 3rd picture here was my 1st attempt and the 4th picture is my 2nd attempt. First i took a top to one of our plastic containers, sprinkled a little ground cinnamon and a little sugar (the same amount to both) and mixed a little with my finger. On my first attempt i scooped the dough with a spoon (that`s how i usually make drop cookies) and i turned it over on the container lid, the problem came when i tried to put the batter on the sheet because it went sideways as i tried to take it off the spoon, that`s why they`re only half snickedoodle. lol. But on my second attempt i just sprinkled the sugar-cinnamon mix on top of the batter after i put it on the cookie sheet, that`s the most affective way i found! Everyone loved them! :)

-What`s your favorite cookie?
-Any cookie tricks or special ingredient?

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