I love the way this watch looks

5 years ago

Hello everyone, for the past month I have been going back and forth about purchasing this Phosphor watch. I love the way it looks its so different. The things holding me back from buying it is the price. In my opinion this watch is super expensive it is priced at $249. I do like how it looks it comes in different colors it comes in red, pink, black and white. I personally really like how the white and black one looks I think they look better because you can match your clothing and jewelry with it easier than if you have pink or red. The band of the watch I am guessing not too sure but I think it is leather. Which I don`t mind. I really love the face of the watch its so different and I like how the numbers change with the swarovski crystals. Another thing that keeps me from buying it is just that the swarovski crystals what happens when one falls off and is their anyway of putting it back in. Maybe if the watch was less I wouldn`t hesitate at all to buy it, but since it so much I don`t want to buy it and then feel like I just wasted my money because the watch ends up not being what I wanted. I would be so bummed out. I was so close of clicking the buy button yesterday but I got a hold of myself I am hoping the price goes down that would just be the best thing.
Do any of you guys have this watch? What do you think about it?

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