I Love Shellac!

4 years ago

So, my birthday is coming up and one of my closest friends came into town to visit me this past weekend. As an early birthday gift, we went to get our nails done together. Now, I hadn`t gotten anything professionally done my nails in several years. I`ve been doing them myself forever, and I always figured I did a pretty decent job.

As we were sitting in the nail salon, waiting for it to be our turn, my friend was debating whether she should get a manicure or have acrylic nails put on. I was voting for manicure and she was leaning toward acrylic, even though she knew it would take her forever to get used to them. One of the girls that was getting her nails done suggested getting a manicure with Shellac polish. We`d never heard of it, but she talked us into by talking it up. She said it lasted forever and looked amazing, so I had to try it.

My nails have never looked better. They`re short, but I keep polish on them constantly to grow them out because they`re so frail. Not only do my nails look great, but they`re practically indestructible and I`ve had them done for almost a week now and they`re just as perfect as they were the day I got them done. I`ve washed a ton of dishes and showered five times since then. Normally, being in water ruins a good manicure, but my nails are still awesome.

It`s a little bit more expensive than having fake nails put on and it`s quite a bit more expensive than getting an everyday, run of the mill manicure, but it was well worth the money. I`m buying this polish A.S.A.P!

Source link: http://www.cnd.com/Products/Color/shellac-hello.aspx

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