I love my ecotools brushes!

4 years ago

Ecotools is easily my favorite brush brand from the drugstore. Their brushes are so soft and work really well! I have four that I got from one of their brush sets. It also came with a mini bag to store them in but I don`t have that pictured here, sorry!

The four brushes I own from ecotools are the mini kabuki, concealer, blush/face, and their "eyeshadow" brush.

mini kabuki:
My favorite brush of all! It is by far the softest one and the brush and has extremely dense hairs causing it to be AWESOME at picking up any powder/mineral pigment. I use this for powder foundation, translucent setting powder, blush, and even bronzer. It`s mini size helps to concentrate product on the areas of the face that you want it most! I LOVE this brush.

I did not like using this brush for my concealer. It just looked too streaky. However, I found other great uses for it and I am definitely not dissapointed with it! It makes a great brush for getting eyeshadow under the lower lashline because it is so dense and a bit pointy. I also love using the concealer brush as my lip brush! Two great uses, and I`m sure it could do more although I haven`t used it a whole lot lately. Such a versatile brush. I really love it! (But, not for concealer.)

blush brush:
This brush is like the kabuki brush with a longer handle. The bristles are SOO soft. It can easily pack a lot of product and it never feels scratchy on the face. I use this brush every day. It also works for setting powder.

"eyeshadow" brush:
The reason I put quotes around eyeshadow is because calling it your eyeshadow brush would be misleading. This brush is waaaay too big and fluffy to work as your eyeshadow brush. I prefer to use a flat brush for my lids. However, this makes a decent eye blending brush! It`s fluffiness can blend two colors together seamlessly. It technically is an eye brush, but not a lid brush. Still a staple in my everyday makeup routine!

That`s my opinion on these fine Ecotools brushes! The best part is that you can get your own for little$ at your drugstore. You don`t have to go drive to MAC to get good quality brushes. Ecotools is a great option if you`re looking to save some money. I also recommend Target`s Up and Up brand brushes, which I will be reviewing soon!

Remember that I am writing how the brushes worked for me, so if you do not agree with my opinions, please don`t get upset about what I said. I love ecotools and I hope you will too!

Do you guys own these brushes? What`s your favorite makeup tool brand? Let me know!

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Happy shopping!

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