I Love E.L.F Bloting Sheets!!lt3

I picked up a pack of these last week at Target. Usually I use the Clean & Clear ones, but I saw these and couldn`t help not trying them since you get 50 sheets for $1.00. I like them. Sure, the packaging is crummy but for the price I`m not gonna gripe too much. If it really starts to fall apart I`ll just put them in a Ziplock baggie. One sheet does the job for me, but normally I just need to use it on my nose and forehead and sometimes chin. I like that they are powder free. I read some reviews where people had problems with them tearing easily, but I really haven`t. And if I did rip or drop one and couldn`t use it, I wouldn`t really care since it was so cheap. A few times the sticker thing on the Clean & Clear ones would grab two, and naturally one would go flying to the floor or I wouldn`t be able to get it back into the package without ruining it and then I`d be all kinds of ticked since those are not cheap.
All in all, I am happy with these and will definitely keep buying them.
***Not my pic*

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