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4 years ago

I came back to Iowa originally to surprise one of my friends, but I also knew she had a wedding to go to and I was invited to be her plus one. Seeing as Id never been to a wedding before I was extremely excited! We were planning on going into Des Moines for a girls day of shopping and fun before to buy dresses and new shoes, but after some unfortunate events that week we didnt have much time for that. We made a quick trip into Souix city instead of Des Moines because it would be faster and it was more convenient. I ended up purchasing two new dresses and two new pairs of shoes! The shoes Ill post later though The two dresses I bought both have about the same shape. The one on the left is MNG by Mango is cost $60.00. Its got aquamarine colored platters on it, and came with a belt in the same shade. The dress is strapless, but it came with straps that can be attached. The base color isnt quite a pure white it has a slight creamy tint to it. It has a really cool silky touch being made with 100% Polyester and its completely machine wash and dry-able! The second dress I purchased was a also an MNG by Mango but this one cost $40.00. This is my favorite of the two dresses. It has a yellow tinted light base and soft pastel pink, yellow and green floral print. It reminds me of old wall paper from the 1920s almost. It has 7 little creamy pearl like buttons from the neckline down to wear it cuts in at the waste. The neckline has one single ruffle that wraps around the whole top of the dress. This dress is 100% cotton and like the other is also machine washable. Its really light weight and soft. With the heat wave across the country this dress is perfect! I absolutely adore both of these dresses, they`re really soft and flowy and just comfortable! I put these purchases on my JC Penny Card i am not sure if i like that card much yet, it`ll all depend on the benefits i get from it if i keep using it regularly. I might just keep it as an emergency card (yes there are clothing emergencies).
Conversation Starters Have you bought any new outfits lately? Do you have a store credit card you prefer?
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