I love Diet Cranberry Juice!

4 years ago

I try to drink cranberry juice because it`s really good for you, but most brands have an insane amount of sugar and the tart taste is sometimes a bit a difficult to get over, lol. I always used to buy the "light" kind, but I recently noticed that there`s also diet. After comparing the two, I decided that getting the diet one would be much better!

I`m always shocked at how much sugar is in cranberry juice, lol. Even the "light" kind had a lot. So I was very happy to notice that the diet one has less than 1 gram of it! Awesome! And as far as calories go, it only has 5 per serving :)

Cranberry juice is known for having that particular tart flavor and I thought that the diet one would be waayyyy more tart since it has so much less sugar, but it actually isn`t! I find the flavor to be much more pleasing than regular or even "light" cranberry juice, so that`s a win for sure! :D

The health benefits of cranberry juice are really good, so I`m glad I found a generally healthy one, lol. Ocean Spray is probably the most widely-available brand, but I`m also on the hunt for an organic kind if I can find it. We`ll see!

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