I just saw The Bourne Legacy

4 years ago

I just saw "The Bourne Legacy" at the Taiwan premiere. Let me tell you, there were so many people there. Don`t worry. No spoilers.

The movie was great. It takes you from snow covered mountains to exciting car chases in the streets. There are explosions and bare-knuckled fights. Almost every moment keeps you at the edge of your seat. I was so absorbed that I forgot to eat any of my popcorn.

Jeremy Renner was wonderful as the new hero, Aaron Cross, who has a cheeky personality and an interesting back story. Rachel Weisz was also great as the doctor who goes on the run with him. Edward Norton plays the main antagonist. And because the movie slightly overlaps the 3rd Bourne movie, Joan Allen`s Pamela Landy also makes appearances.

Have you seen "The Bourne Legacy" yet? If not, GO SEE IT and then we can discuss it!
*picture of Taiwanese poster taken by me
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