I jumped on the Ramen bandwagon....

4 years ago

I admit, I caved and finally jumped on the ramen band wagon. I actually whipped up a different brand of ramen - in the black bag, last night to split with my boyfriend as part of our random lets eat leftovers dinner. Well ... no one ever said this one was spicier than a .... yeah you can probably finish the rest of that sentence. It was SO spicy, my stomach was not in agreement with me. It wasn`t bad when you chewed it, but when you swallowed it, it just burned. Like a bad accident indigestion burn. A nagging burn that would stay with you all night if you ate the entire bowl burn. My boyfriend tried it and as he swallowed it, shook his head and said he didn`t want anymore because he didn`t want acid indigestion LOL. I wasn`t going to torture myself so I ended up throwing it away. I now know ... I`ll stick to my classic chicken/beef ramen that I know I enjoy. And if I`m feeling adventurous ... I`ll brand out to creamy chicken ramen. Whoooo nelly!!

Do you like ramen?

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