I haz a floppy hat!

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank my lovely friend here on Luuux, /member/may-tii-ly for being such a sweetheart and hosting the most amazing giveaway ever. I was one of the /viz/ringing-da-new-year-2012-giveaway-winners-yay-edited-version among some great fellow Luuuxers so my day couldn`t start any better than it did! Thank you again dear for being so kind and great and fabulous! Now, let me introduce to you my Accessorize floppy hat! I`ve been wanting a hat for so long but I never go through with my crave... I was thinking of buying one from H&M but it seemed really thin and looked really flattened on my head. Then I saw this one in an Accessorize store, it was on sale for 86 lei, around $26-27 (I don`t remember the original price) but it seemed a bit too much ...I haven`t seen that many people wearing hats and you know how it is...sometimes if people look at you weird it kind of makes you not wear that thing that often... But I liked it because the fabric wasn`t thin and it seemed really great quality - also it`s a nudish color and goes well with most of the outfits. Anyways, one day I browsed their UK website, http://www.accessorize.com, and I saw the same hat on sale for £8.40 (From £28.00). I decided to order it. I also ordered a bag but it got cancelled meanwhile cause it was out of stock. My colleagues ordered some other things too and we split the £4.95 shipping cost. It took almost a week to receive my order and it arrived just in time when it started snowing a lot! The hat is fabulous and it fits like a glove...well, like a hat! I thought it won`t fit that well because my hair is really curly and imagine my hair being really fluffy a.s.o. ...but it fits amazingly! I wore it a lot and I thought I scored a pretty great deal on it! I love that 70s vibe...my ideal outfit: felt floppy hat, flare jeans, a loose top or a knitted jumper (maybe a blazer), my black chelsea boots (or maybe wedges) and a messenger bag... Yeap, so this is my first hat in ages...and I luvz it! Do you like wearing hats? Have you ever bought hats online? *the second picture is from the accessorize website listed in the source link*

Source link: http://www.accessorize.com/en/restofworld/felt-floppy-hat/invt/99133309/

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