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4 years ago

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Dear luuux staff,
How did you come to this decision this decision that it be a really great idea to completely change the website?! I understand that some people had some problems with the shop but I that didn`t mean that you had to change the entire aspect of it people worked hard I worked really hard I love this website and Its just my entire life I blogged all the time and I worked so hard and I put in all my effort that I felt like I possibly could. People have been on this website for since the beginning And are not happy and neither are beginners because the prices you put up are ridiculous I was saving up for an item that was $5000 including the shipping and handling and now all of a sudden we have to pay for the our own shipping and handling what if we live in some foreign country! I mean I know how much it costs you but seriously. I earned half of what I needed for that item and you boosted up to a $40,000 item! How is that a good idea?! I don`t mean to be rude to anyone out there on the staff because I`m sure you been experiencing some issues but I just wanted to let you know that I just think that this is just the most terrible decision you could`ve ever made and I want you to know that I no longer post for you I just post for me now because I enjoy posting Whereas before I was doing it because I thought hey maybe I`ll be a little find some nice stuff and I can just feel normal and fit in because I can have that nice tote bag or that nice Clarisonic or sunglasses or something I mean do you know how hard it is to fit in these days because you don`t have the next big thing when you find a website like this it`s amazing but when you make changes to the website like this- we cant do anything we`re never going to afford anything on this Website and I know that I will never be able to afford anything on this website anymore so why should I even try so when I post now I do it because I feel like posting I feel like telling people what`s going on in my life and I don`t do it for you and I hope you know that I`m never making an order because the prices on this are ridiculous and I really don`t mean to sound rude but I couldn`t imagine anything more that you could`ve done wrong this is just absolutely terrible and I`m trying to be empathetic and see where you`re coming from but I just can`t.

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