I Hate My Teenage Daughter TV Episode!

All my shows season have ended so I`m looking for some new ones. I decided to watch <strong>I Hate My Teenage Daughter</strong> and I found it quite boring, I`m shocked I lasted through the 22 minutes of the episode, lol. I watched the pilot episode and the show is about two divorced mothers raising their teenage daughters. Their teenager daughters are hard to handle cause they`re bullies and the mothers don`t know how to discipline them! In this show, it was about how the girls dress very slutty and also how they locked a wheel chair guy in the rest room. To discipline them the moms are supposed to not let them out to their school dance. But guess what? The girls managed to get their way and go to the dance but... something happens at the dance. (Watch more to find out). Anyway, the show was just TOO boring for me. I don`t recommend it. I didn`t get any laughs, humor or interest in the show.

<strong>Have you seen this show? What did you think of it?</strong>

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