I HATE Luuux!

4 years ago

I am so MAD with Luuux! The 500%+ inflation of items in the shop are outrageous. I happened to be trying to order something the night before with my Luuux dollars right before this nasty increase of prices for something worth $100 and I even had enough for shipping with my 7,000+ Luuux dollars. The website wasn`t working and I messaged customer service, who were useless and uncaring. Now I don`t have enough to get even the cheapest item Luuux has in their shop (the sunglasses worth $25, which would take me another $27 to get shipped to me). I am extremely disappointed with Luuux. This is likely to be my last post ever. I regret ever starting Luuux and all the time and effort I spent on this website.

Source link: http://www.luuux.com

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