I had my baby girl! The Story of Kayleigh!

5 years ago

Maybe some of you have noticed.. but i was MIA for 4 days, which is pretty unusual because i used to be here every day. Another thing people might have read is the fact that i was pregnant. At the beginning i didn`t know i was since doctors told me i had cfs (chronical fatigue syndrom). Doctors gave me some pills which had to make me back to my old self, but they also told me i would gain some weight because of them. And boy i gained some.. after a few weeks i was getting a big belly and i gained about 10 pounds, doctors didn`t think tweice with it so i just watched my food.

Weeks passed by and i was still gaining weight, even after quiting the pills. I demanded a blood test, which i got.. Then they told me i was pregnant. I was shocked since it wasn`t planned and i took my pill every day. The doctor told me there`s a 1/1000 chance to get pregnant when you have prevention..

At first i was so shocked, but i didn`t thought about abortion once. I`m heading to my 21st birthday so i had to keep this baby. Telling my fiance was also hard since he`s still in `school`. He`s in college following a class to become a marine or soldier, this means he has to go on trainingweeks ALLOT. To suprise him i went to the woods where he had his training. I told him and he was very supportive and sweet. After a few hours he was even thrilled!
That was the story before.. After that i visited another hospital to check the baby out, i just didn`t trust my doctor. This doctor told me i was even further then the other one thought..

My due date was on 7 march, so my baby girl is just a week too early. I was visiting my sister because we wanted a girls night before the baby came.. i just think the little girl didn`t like that, lol. Kayleigh Marie Vanez was born on 26 february at 9 am. Marie will be her middle name, just on the birth certificate and her id, but me will just call her Kayleigh.

The delivery went pretty fast. I was in at 3 am and i had to wait untill 8 am to go into labor. Althought everything was going `fast`, i was in allot of pain. I was ablo to get one epidural, i was too late to ask the second one.

After my girl was born, the doctors were scared because she turned purple.. I remember that i was so scared, but my fiance was by my side comforting me. Luckely she just needed some oxigen, after that i had my baby girl in my arms!

I still can`t believe what has happened in these few months.. I was pregnant, my boyfriend asked me to marry him and we got our own place next to my sister. and now.. i have my baby girl.

Normally we should left the hospital tuesday but doctors wanted we stayed for another day..

After all, everything is okay now and we`re home. My boyfriend has a 3 week break from school so he`s arround all the time. I`m happy with my life right now, i have a family. I`m starting my new job at the university of antwerp in summer. Next to that i`ll go to school one day a week to get another diplom.

I`m thrilled with my baby girl and i`m sure her future looks bright!

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