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I GOT MY SALTY AND PEP SHAKERS! So I dont know if any of you have seen the commercial for these shakers but I will include it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYTkn1w8HUI. So who is Salty and Pep? Well, theyre pretty much characters invented by Knorr Sidekicks, as characters to represent the fact that they use a lot less salt. (I know that makes no sense but pretty much just trying to say that Salty is missing (which is part of this campaign) because they use less salt and stuff like that.) There was a time where I believed that they were selling these and I missed my chance to get one. So I was sad Anywho! Story is there was a time where Knorr had a campaign (like I mentioned) where its like Help Find Salty and with every Knorr purchase (as in like theyre soups and sidekicks packages), you would get a code. And you would have to go online and enter the code and each code would entitle you to something different. Anything really from music to recipes to SALTY AND PEP SHAKERS! And guess who was lucky enough to win it on her seventh try?! ME! I was so happy that day. BUT the crappy part about all this was that I think I had won it in April around my birthday. And I only just received it yesterday! Can you believe it? I had honestly just forgotten about it. So it was a super nice surprise when they showed up on my door steps! I dont think Id actually put salt and pepper into the shakers but not because of the quality but they look better as display pieces. And you would think free?... not so decent quality but thats not the case at all! Theyre made with really nice ceramic. And the detailing is great. I cannot confirm or deny if the promotion is still going on but if it is get on it boys and girls, theyre so cute! *sorry for the delete and re-posting! something was off with my account* *pictures belong to me*

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