I got my nose pierced?!

5 years ago

Picture isnt mine!
link in source link!:)

ok .. so i got my nose pierced about a month ago and a lot of peaople asked me-
did it hurt?! how much it cost?!
does it come of when you sneez?!

so im here to give u guys some info :)

does it hurt? a bit .. every piercing hurt in some way... it was like a pinch in the nose for 30 sec..

cost - change from place to place ..

does it come of when you sneez ?- no! hahaha but you need to be carefull the first 2 weeks when you blow your nose..

healing time - about a month... month and a half

so i hope it answered some of ur questions :)
bye ;)

Source link: http://www.google.co.il/imgres?q=nose+pierced&um=1&hl=iw&client=firefox-a&hs=9UQ&sa=N&pwst=1&rls=org.mozilla:he:official&channel

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