I got my laser hair remover!!!

5 years ago

I don`t about any of you ladies, but I tire of shaving every few days. I have very thick hair that grows out super fast. Not only that but I grow excessive hair. I believe I have PCOS, though I haven`t been diagnosed, and one of the the tell tale signs is extra hair. Including facial hair. Which I have. I don`t have to shave nor wax my upper lip area since it never grew abnormally there, but I do have hair under my chin, and on the sides of my jaw. My side burns also grow down further than what I think is normal.

A few years ago I decided I would do laser hair removal on that area. Each time I would go it would cost close to $200. Prior to doing so I was pluck, but the hair would begin to grow our within days, as well as leave scarring, even if I didn`t touch my skin. With the laser the hair would take about 2 months to beging to grow out and I would have to go back. You have to do about 6 sessions, and a little more if needed to keep the hair from coming back permanently.

Its been months since I have done it. I would have continued doing it, but it is unsafe when one is pregnant. Though I am not, I was in the process of getting pregnant, and did. So I had to stop it all together. (just in case, most who follow know that I lost that pregnancy, I am not pregnant at the moment) During that time also I had moved, so I couldn`t find a place that did it for under $200.

I was contemplating getting the No-no but had never gotten around to it. A few weeks ago I had seen an ad in one of my magazines for the Tria laser hair removal system. I kept it in the back of my head for future reference. A few more weeks passed and I decided to do some research. On this particular day GMA had a promotion going on for it. The system was available for $250 down from $400. What are the odds!?! I quickly went to theri site but they were completely sold. However if you signed for the email they would honor it and let you know when it was back in stock. This promotion was only that single day. Boy was I lucky.

The very next day I received the email. I quickly placed my order, and got my laser today.

A little bit about the laser directly from the site which I will link below:
Inspired by professional treatments, our products bring the same technology used by dermatologists into the home, empowering you to enjoy the breakthrough benefits of light-based skincare for the first time. We understand the value of being able to treat yourself in the privacy of your homeit`s convenient, affordable and superior to other alternatives.
We work closely with world-renowned dermatologists and surgeons to revolutionize at-home skincare treatments. We conduct extensive clinical research and our engineering teams are dedicated to testing and continuously improving our products. Plus, all of our groundbreaking devices are FDA-cleared.

If you would like to know more feel free to go to their site. What I love is that it is FDA approved. Not only that its not a gimmick that they say works for all. There is a system on their site that matches your hair color and skintone, from there it will tell you if it will work for. Thats what I loved the most. They are not just trying to scam you into buying their products.

I just finished using it, and I can`t wait to see the results. I will be forward and honest. It stings like a motha! Which is common for lasers. When I had it done professionally it felt the same way. But you do have a choice of lowering the levels. It goes from 1-5. 5 being the highest and hurting the most. I used 5 only because it eliminates how many times you have to go over that area before it stops growing permanently. I will be doing my legs, under arms amd several other areas!

I will keep you all updated!

Have you heard of this? Would you try it? Have you done laser hair removal before?

Source link: http://www.triabeauty.com/

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