I got an IPAD 2

5 years ago

A couple of weekends ago I got an IPAD 2 its amazing. I got it has a gift from my bf to help me with school. I found out not to long ago that I am on academic probation for how long I dont know. Its been difficult for me to balance school work and my job. I typically work 40 hours a week but this coming Monday and Tuesday Im putting in 11 hour days which isn`t typical for me. I typically work from 8 to 5 monday-Friday and thats it. Plus Im suffering from Migraines due to the car accident in December. If you read my posts I have mentioned that I was in car accident with a drunk driver towards the end of December.

Anyway on to my IPAD which I love love. The device is amazing I am to do a lot of different things on there. I got the 32GB one. I have some games on there now, quite a bit of my school work on there. I also figured out last weekend out to get library books on there, which I really enjoy reading but Im always on the go so I dont always have time to go to the library. Getting library books on my ipad makes it easier to read on the go. im currently reading the first two books of the secret circle series. its really good. I dont really play that many games on there. i have two games on there I do enjoy playing and they are temple run and Monopoly.

As for my school work the school where I go to has an app specifically made for the IPad which is neat and it allows me to do some of my school work on the go. Just not all of it Im taking database management right now I need programs like SQL 2008 and Viso which you cant put them on the ipad you need actual computer for it. Which is fine by me Im surrounded by computers all the time. I have desktop at home and laptop at work I can use to the rest of my school work.

Im still learning about my ipad what it can do I dont really have music on there because I put my music on my phone. I have 32 GB chip on my phone so I can store lots of music there. I haven`t used facetime yet but I have relatives that have an Ipad so Im sure ill get around to using facetime soon.

Do you have an Ipad what is your favorite thing about it?

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