I got a Kindle Touch!

4 years ago

I feel like im a little late to getting onto the eReader Boat, as much as i love to read i`ve never really considered getting a kindle. For a few years now i`ve been using the website http://Swap.com to trade books for free..my co-worker who has a kindle was constantly telling me how she had downloaded books for really cheap and sometimes even free. Even though i could trade books online for free at Swap i still had to pay for the shipping lables which would run me around $3 and change per lable.
Another thing about swap is that you cant get any book that you want at any given time..waiting for someone to swap certain books with me sometimes took months. There were so many books i wanted to read and the perk of getting them instantly and for such a low cost finally convinced me.
I ended up getting the Kindle Touch as i have an iphone and didnt think i would need all of the features that a kindle fire has..basically i was just looking for a basic eReader.
I bought my kindle off of amazon for $99..it took two 1/2 weeks to get to me which i thought was a little ridiculous-i didnt get an email that my order was placed an till a little over a week that i had bought the kindle online, of course they charged my card right away though. I order online alot being that i live in a small town with only 3 stores so we dont have much of a selection here, i`ve never had a item take this long to get to me...not even my treadmill and living room furniture that i bought online took that long.
Besides the shipping taking forever i was a little annoyed that my kindle seemed to skip pages constantly and also it did not load completely as i was reading..sometimes i would have to tap back and tap forward again to get the page to load. It was very frustrating so after reading two books i finally called kindle support and the customer service didnt really help me at all. Eventually i did a little research online and noticed that this has happend with other people who own kindle touch as well. I rebooted my kindle and havent had any problems with it since, so needless to say ive been pretty pleased with my purchase.
The kindle touch holds up to 3,000 books, has built in wifi that allows you to get books in 60 seconds, has text-to-speech, audiobooks and mp3 support, and many more features that you can find here:


I also picked up a reversible soft kindle cover at fred meyer for $15. One side is pink and white zebra print and the other is black with bright pink flowers.
Overall, i`ve been loving my kindle touch and i especially love that i can buy any book whenever i want to without a problem.
*I added a picture of my cat Penny snooping while i took pictures of my kindle touch-i decided i`d throw one more in there of my little pug Cosmo resting his mug on the screen door because it cracks me up, happy friday! :)

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