I got a gym pass (Planet Fitness)

4 years ago

Now that Ive been working on my weight Ive been wanting a gym pass I was looking into my local natatorium but the pass was a little high about $37 or $38 during off peak season per month and around $47 a month during peak season that adds up to over $400 a yr.

Luckily a new gym came to town called Planet Fitness I seen it but was skeptical to join I was at the salon with my mother while she was getting a haircut and the girls at the salon told me they joined because it wasnt just fitness it was tanning to and all reasonable priced at $19.99 a month.

Since it was next door I figured it wouldnt hurt to go in and take a tour I had my mind set as soon as I walked in the door and seen the place and knew the pricing I was going to sign up I went on the tour and was happy the facility wasnt dedicated to body builders but to real people. They had a good amount of equiptment perfect for my needs and the price was right on par with what I wanted to pay I had to pay a Membership fee which was on special for $1.07 if you signed up before the gym opened I will be paying $19.99 a month to be a black card member this gives me access to unlimited fitness, tanning and massage :) Their is a yearly fee of $38 all in all its cheaper than the natatorium no their isnt a pool but oh well I mainly wanted a gym pass for a stationary bike and elliptical the tanning and free trainer are the cherry on top of my fitness sundae.

The new gym I joined opens tomorrow and you better believe I am so excited to go!

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