I fixed it!!

Remember myF21 ring that broke, well I got tired of waiting for a hot glue gun to magically appear when I know good and well that I gave mines away because I thought it was crap although I just wasn`t letting it dry correctly. So you know what I did? I nail-polished it. You know, nail polish is really awesome It`s like .99 for a bottle or clear that hypoallergenizizes ( i made that word up) your earrings temporarily.makes your rings last longer, stops rips in your pantyhose, and more like fixing your jwelry. I just poured some out, set it, and left it overnight .really easy and it is sticking really, really well. I tried to take off some extra that was one the side of the bow, but it kinda chipped off a little of the plastic w/ it so be careful not to let it drip. At least the ring is glossy and the nailpolish is a clear gloss. :)

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