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I have started to diet...

Actually, I have started to do a lot of fitness work. I used to call it dieting but I do not like to use that word anymore because I start for a few days, then my mom sidetracks me off my diet because I have a hectic schedule everyday. So, to keep up my shape during the summer, I decided to jump rope 1000 times each day after dinner. Of course, wait thirty minutes to an hour before doing your activities. I am controlling my portions of what I eat. I specifically don`t have certain foods I eat. Except lunch. So...

Breakfast: Normal portions ( Regular eating style)

Lunch: Salad (if you are still hungry, then I suggest to have a piece of sandwich or a banana)

Dinner: Half of what I ate for breakfast.

Jump Rope-1000 times
Sit ups-100 times 4 sets of 25 reps
Hula Hoop-10-15 minutes(I have an asian hula hoop which is heavier and has these pressure points which actually hurt...) Its in the picture above.--^
That is the end of my day!

If you guys crave for sweets like ice cream or Bubble Tea on a hot day, then I suggest you go for it, but I eat ice cream once a month at Qoola where you can put in as much froyo as you would like, but I have tiny tiny portions.

Thanks for reading!
-mindlessmeh <3
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Source link: http://www.robbinssports.com/pe-equipment-jump-ropes-c-207_221.html

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