I Finally Saw quotThe Avengers!quot

4 years ago

Hey Everyone!
A few nights ago I FINALLY saw The Avengers! I love superhero movies, even though I`ve never picked up a comic book! I know some of you may find that shameful... sowwy :( Plus it was an excuse to drool all over the hot guys in the movie heehee! :)
It`s basically about a group of elite superheroes who are called together to stop a hostile alien takeover lead by Thor`s evil brother Loki.
I really liked this movie! I thought it was funny and had a lot of action, which I think is a good balance! My mom had a hard time following it, but she`s the type who asks questions every two seconds anyways, so who knows? Maybe the plot is hard to follow at some points?
One thing I found hard to watch about the movie was the fact that Cobie Smulders, or Robin from How I Met Your Mother, had a somewhat significant role in it. Not that I don`t love her, `cause I do, I`m just the type of person who thinks the whole time, "Oh hahahaha Robin Scherbatsky," thinks about her singing the Robin Sparkles song, and then has trouble taking her parts of the movie seriously. But it`s not a big deal and it totally didn`t ruin the movie in any way! She played her part to a "T".
I didn`t want to put any spoilers in this review, so go see the movie for yourself! It`s great whether you like the comic books or not!

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