I Finally Read The Hunger Games!

4 years ago

After this last semester ended I had a HUGE list of books that I wanted to cross off of my summer reading list. Unfortunately, between work and clinical, I was too tired to concentrate on reading in my free time :(
However, one book that I did get to finish was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! I know, I am so far behind in reading popular books. I havent seen the movie yet either because Ive made a rule for myself not to watch any book based movies until Ive actually read the book :P
I really enjoyed The Hunger Games! I thought that it was super entertaining and a quick read that didnt require a lot of concentration, something Ive been lacking lately, haha! I was glued to this book and finished it in half a day! I cant say that the authors style of writing was the best, but I think that she definitely made the characters relatable and likeable; I actually cried a few times while reading! :(
I do think that the concept of the book was a little unoriginal though. In school I had to read the short stories The Most Dangerous Game, which is about humans hunting humans and The Lottery, which is about a town that draws a persons name every year and stones them to death. This book seemed to be a mixture of both stories, but I think the author made the twists and turns in the story line her own.
I wont put in any spoilers since there might be some of you out there who are just as far behind in their reading as I am, but its definitely an exciting read! A lot of my friends say that they thought the series as a whole was better than Harry Potter! In my opinion, nothing beats Harry Potter, but this is a worthwhile read. My cousin has the other two books in the series, so hopefully I can borrow them and read them by the end of the summer!

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