I Finally Made the Switch to Mac!

I made the switch!

I`ve been a PC user my whole life, even in school we always had PC`s, but I`ve been slowly switching to apple products. My first smartphone was a blackberry because the iPhone wasn`t available on my carrier yet, but as soon as it died I got an iPhone 4 (of course it was 2 months before the iPhone 4S came out). I`ve had 3 iPods; a classic, a 3rd generation iPod touch & an original nano (well it was my boyfriend`s, but I bought it for him when they first came out). I also have an iPad 2 that I won in a youtube giveaway. I was planning on buying one even though they are over priced, so I`m glad I won it because I really don`t think they are worth the money.
My 4 year old HP dv3500 has been giving me problems for 4 years. I would threaten it constantly that I was ready to throw it out the window & replace it with a rMBP (Retina MacBook Pro). I`m convinced it thought I was joking until 3 weeks ago. I did my taxes early and was getting a nice chunk of money back and figured this was the perfect time to get me a new computer. I have a lot of expenses right now trying to outfit the new house, so spending $2,000 on a computer just seemed silly, but since it`s from the tax return, it`s like the money never existed :)
I know there will be a new MBP release coming out soon. I did my research, debating if I should wait or not 4 days before I got my return my HP decided to completely break on me. Now I had no more excuses, it was time to make the switch. If you wait long enough with apple, there will always be a better model coming out.

<strong>What I got:</strong>
rMBP 15" base model
2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
8GB memory
256 flash storage
I saved around $200 on it; Best Buy had one of their promotions running so I ordered it online & picked up in store. I also used ebates so I got 1.5% cash back from my purchase. If you`re not an ebates member and want to learn more about it, please message me.

From what I`ve read the upcoming rMBP "might" have the new intel Haswell that`s not released yet. This is a big deal for the 13" rMBP, but for the 15" it won`t have a significant difference in performance. I`m not a gamer, or a coder, or graphic designer There won`t be any body changes, and the cMBP "might" get cut from the line, there "might" be a price drop on rMBP. I couldn`t wait, and so far I really like it. I love that my phone, tablet and computer are seamlessly integrated.
I`m still trying to figure everything out on it. I`m slowly getting the hang of the gestures on the trackpad. I have no idea what the shortcuts are yet Where`s the "end" key, where`s the "home" key, or my most used "erase" keyI know there are short cuts, just don`t know them yet.
What really makes me angry is I can`t figure out how to sync my contacts. I have iCloud all set up, my music photos, notes, reminders all synced properly. For some reason only 1/10 of my contacts synced.

<strong>I haven`t completely customized it yet, but so far the apps I have are:</strong>
~ Spotify app (Yup that`s Van Morrison I`m listening to on this gloomy Monday)
~ Wonderlist
~ Twitter
~ 1password (I had it on my HP & right now the app store has it on sale)
~ Evernote
~ Google Chrome

<strong>Questions: </strong>
1. Do you have a mac or are thinking of making the switch like I did?
2. How do I sync my contacts?!?!
3. Any tips/advice you can share with me?
4. What are your favorite apps from the mac store?

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