I finally have a BLOG!

4 years ago

The title says it all but YES I FINALLY MADE A BLOG! LUUUX has totally pushed me towards blogging. I`ve been longing to make one but I didn`t want to do so until after all of my exams.

It`s always nice to read up on what people have been up to lately and check out their comments on your posts but I feel that not everyone on LUUUX is interested. Don`t get me wrong I love this site, I will continue posting here too but I`d probably find more people who are genuinely interested in what I have to post on blogspot than I would here.

I`m sure whoevers looked at my posts would have figured that I LOVE nail polish so I`m going to dedicate this blog to it. I`ve also cleared all the tweets on my twitter so I can start afresh for my blog.

I haven`t posted anything yet but I will do so real soon. I just need to figure out how to work blogspot and how to add my watermark to my images since LUUUX has made me respect copyright so much more.

<strong>Feel free to check it out, you don`t have to if you don`t want to :)


P.s Please don`t follow my blog if you want to do the follow for follow. I`d rather you didn`t follow if you weren`t interested in my posts. Please don`t follow if you`re looking to just gain more followers or to advertise your blog :)

Do you have any blogging tips you can give me?

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