I finally got Naked2!

5 years ago

Im sure a lot of you have seen a ton of posts about the Naked 2 palette (I know I have!), but I couldn`t help and share my excitement that I finally got it!

When it first came out I thought and knew that I don`t need this. I have the first Naked palette, I don`t need two. When it came up on Urban Decay I was able to get one in my cart and right before I checked out I decided not to get it. Then later in the day I kept thinking about it and tried to get it again...too late...sold out!

It came back on the site...and AGAIN I did the same thing lol. I was so indecisive about the palette. I know I don`t need it, but I wanted it. Peoples Luuux post would all be different also, I sounded like a mess. One person would get a "I probably wont pick this up" and then another post I would comment with "OMG I cant wait to pick this up" haha I was a confused woman!

Finally I went to Sephora, out of boredom and ta-da! It was there. I grabbed it, took it straight to the check stand, and bought it!

Fast forward to two weeks later...I haven`t used it! Lol. Uggghhh why do I do this to myself!? I can`t take it back though...ok well technically I CAN, but I don`t want to.

Im sure I`ll use it...some day. Hehe.

<em>Have you picked up this palette yet?

What have you purchased and not used, but don`t want to return because its just too cool?</em>

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