I FINALLY got my Chick-fil-a fix!

4 years ago

Yes! I FINALLY got my Chick-fil-a fix! It`s been months and my boyfriend and I had been saying we`d head to the mall to have dinner after work one day and it never happened. Something would come up, other plans, or we`d just want to go home after an insanely long day of work. Well, this Friday, we had made plans to grab dinner at the mall before heading back to attend a birthday party.

Sadly, when I got up to the counter to order my salad I was told they don`t sell that particular salad at this location (I wanted the Chargrilled & Fruit Salad OR the Southwest Chargrilled Salad). Dammit!! So that made me annoyed and I stormed off to go find something else at another mall-food booth. But I didn`t want anything else, I wanted Chick-fil-a. So I sat at the table with my boyfriend as he started to eat his nugget meal. Since I follow Weight Watchers I had to kind of figure out the points for things. I didn`t want a chargrilled sandwich (that I typically order and love).

I decided to go with a <strong>Chick-Fil-A Nugget Salad</strong>. I specifically asked to replace the chicken strips with nuggets since I know 8 nuggets were so many points and the strips were slightly higher. Yes, complicated, but it made me feel better in my head LOL. I ordered their fat-free honey mustard dressing since it`s seriously the most amazing salad dressing. Then because I really wanted the fruit ON my salad, I ordered a small fruit cup on the side and a medium coke zero. My meal cost me almost $12, which was ridiculous. I love Chick-fil-a but I feel their pricing structure is ridiculous, especially when in comparison to other fast food joints. I know, their food is the freshest and you are getting real unprocessed chicken, but geeze-louise.

I can`t complain all that much because my meal was fabulous AND I ended up getting an extra fruit cup because the girl screwed up and gave me 2 in my bag. So, thank you Chick-fil-a employee.

Do you like Chick-fil-a? If so what`s your fav meal there?

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