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5 years ago

Hello! So I saw this on youtube ages ago at about summer last year and always wanted this brush ! Unfortunately it was only available in the USA so I couldn`t get hold of it . Oh did I mention it`s from TI creative styling? anyway so one day I went into Sally`s form some peroxide ( which I will use it in a post soon ) when something shiny caught my eyes.I walked over saw this and nearly screammed ! This is like me in a brush ! It`s is a humongous brush and I won`t really use it much ( due to the fact that I do naturally have pin straight boring hair...but the upside is that it doesn`t really tangle) anyway the back is filled with silver rhinestones and soooo sparkly. I know some may think it is tacky,but I like it !
It is just a normal paddle brush with an extra glitz and glam , but I have had this for a few months and it has held up really well.I would defiantly recommend it,but go fast as it is limited edition! and for price wise,it isn`t the best or the worse coming in at 18 pounds or 16 pounds.SO it isn`t cheap but I just love the sparkles and it would last me for ages !
What do you think of this ? Comment below !
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