`I eat whatever I want and still lose weight`

5 years ago

I cringe whenever I see ads of "I lost weight without exercising and ate all I wanted" or "take these supplements and you will get these hot rock body" I don`t know which is worse, the people who believe those ads and buy the product or the people who make those ads thinking the general public is stupid. What you are probably losing is water weight and it is just ridiculous to believe in a magic pill that can make us go from flab to fab....Do they want us to believe that the people who eat healthy and go to gym 5 times a week are fools because all you really need is "this special tea". If any of you have tried any diet pills, please don`t feel offended, and let me know if it worked. There are days when I spend quiet some time on weight loss shelf in the store and look up my quick easy way out, but I do try to make a good judgement. I think "do I want to keep having these pills every day and all my life because once I stop after certain weight loss, I might gain all of it back"

I did not mean to offend anyone, and it was just a frustration from all those ads that I see on tv with sexy guys and girls with flat stomachs and claiming how some pill in a bottle gave them that good body....or worst of all some people claiming how they ate whatever they wanted and still lost weight because of some powder mix. Ads like this give out wrong information and giving a horrible example. Lazy people will think "aaah who wants to go to gym, i`ll just order that bottle and i`ll b good", kids might think "I can eat all the junk food I want and I can have a good body when I grow up by drinking those tea".....you can`t drink soda everyday and fries and expect some special tea will cancel all the fat....

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