I did the math on the Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM tote.

4 years ago

This picture is totally unrelated. Those would be my cuddly guinea pigs. I didn`t have a picture that I took that could possibly relate to this [very random] post.

I just joined Luuux today, so my apologies if I do something wrong. (If I do make a boo-boo please let me know!) First off, I love this site. I love this site A LOT, actually.

I honestly thought it was bullpoopy when I first saw it. I mean, getting a Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM tote for free just by posting things? That sounds like heaven. There`s lots of other cool stuff in the store too.

I also just found out that you can buy Luuux$. The most expensive pack is called the "Gold Pack". This particular pack costs $75 (that`s real human US dollars) and you get 25,220 Luuux$. So that got me thinking about how many gold packs I would need to buy to be able to get the Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM tote (because that`s what I want). This bag costs 451,136 Luuux$.

Well, according to my math I would need 17.2 Gold Packs. Instead of trying to figure out if a bronze or silver is equal to 20% of a Gold Pack I`m just going to round to 18 Gold Packs.

18 Gold Packs would cost $1,350.

According to the Luuux shop the bag costs $1,484.00

So in conclusion....I`m still spending $1,000+ dollars anyway. So I`m just going to enjoy this awesome site! ...and probably guy a gold pack or two. Haha.

I hope this post is okay. I couldn`t figure out what my first post should be one. For future posts I`m thinking a Bath and Body Works haul, a Victoria Secret haul, and one of these days I`ll do a review on the Beauty Blender sponge. I have guinea pigs and a wheaten terrier if anyone wants to read anything about those adorable little snuggle buddies.

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