I cut my own hair... AND LIVED!!

Guess who got their hair cut? Me! Guess who did it? Me!
It was actually more of a trim but I did add in some layers and side swept bangs.
To do this all I did was section my hair like you would if you were going to flat iron it. I split each section into two, brought them together and wrapped a ponytail around them. I clipped them using fabric scissors (yes fabric scissors, because they are really sharp) and then went over it with a razor, the kind for hair. I`m pretty sure you can get them at Sally`s Beauty supply. Each section I made a little shorter than the first, using the bottom of the ponytail as a guide. I point-cut the ends so they would be thinner than the rest of the hair.

Point cutting is when you clip into the hair so the ends aren`t so blunt. I used smaller, regular scissors to do this and then went on to the bangs.

For that I just parted the section of my original bangs to the rights and cut them at a diagonal angle. The left part and the right. I point cut again and made sure that they went the way I wanted.

Once I was done with that I cut a little more into the crown area with the smaller scissors.

The whole thing was pretty easy, it took like half an hour. It`s not something that I do often but I usually do this when I need a trim and don`t feel like making an appointment. :P
*The first picture is of me after I washed my hair, the second is what it looks like after I style it with a flat iron.
-Roxy :D

P.S. I learned how to do this from this youtube video:

I just used a ponytail instead of the Creaclip
(if you want one of those I put the link in the source)
hair style

Source link: http://www.creaclip.com

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