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4 years ago

4 years ago when I was in year 10, or maybe it was in year 9 I can`t remember... I joined this extra activity called glass making that was ran every Wednesday all day. This was great because I missed out on all my subjects all day :D.

This ran for about 2 months. And I bet your thinking what is glass making, right? Well glass making is where we made glass tiles. So all day we just sat around making tiles that primary school kids drew while listening to music.
Our teacher had went around to about 6 primary schools in the area and got the preps and grade 1`s to draw whatever they made them happy onto this template sheet of paper. We then had to create these tiles exactly the way they were drawn.

Overall it was great fun and a really good experience. Knowing that they were going to be viewed at the kids ward at the hospital made me proud. The only downside to it was the cuts you got. I swear I got at least 4 cuts each week! One day I actually stabbed my finger with a class stick thing while breaking it (we used them to make straight lines in our tiles). The cut was really deep and I blead all over the place, even in the box where we put all the pieces of glass, and it blead for awhile hahaha XD

<STRONG> Have you done anything like this before??? Or have you contributed to the community before??? Let me know, i`m interested to know :)</STRONG>
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