I Chalked My Hair! + How To Do It! :)

5 years ago

Hey everyone!
A few days ago I posted that I had bought some <strong>Soft Pastels</strong> from Michaels Craft Store to chalk my hair. It actually turned out really well! I used 3 colors; teal, pink, and purple. This was so simple to do! And its great, its not damaging at all, and it washes out next time you wash your hair! I just spread the color evenly in the front part of my hair.

<Strong>Wanna do it yourself?</strong>
look at the pictures for a little extra help!*
<em>What You`ll Need</em>- soft pastels (any brand works, I use the brand Artists Loft, $6 at Michaels), water, a wash cloth (or towel or paper towel, anything to absorb water), *optional* Blow dryer, straightener, OR curling iron (these 3 items aren`t crucial to the process)

<strong>1.</strong> Wet a small amount of hair, the size you want your streak to be
<strong>2.</strong> Take the desired pastel color and rub it on the wet hair in a DOWNWARD motion. Rubbing it upward will cause breakage to your hair
<strong>3.</strong>lighting take your towel/washcloth and gently towel dry the section
<strong>4.</strong>(if you are using a straightener/curing iron) wait until your hair is dry then straighten or curl. Curling makes it so you can see the colors better!

So as you can see, it`s super simple and super fun to do :) I have a feeling this will get popular come summertime! Also, I tested this on my friend with dark brown hair, and if you use bright colors it really does show up!!

What do you think of this "trend"? Have you ever tried to chalk your hair?

*Pictures are mine, don`t steal
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