I caught a kitten!

About a week ago I heard a cat crying. Where I live, you can literally hear your neighbor sneeze so I figured it was their cat. Then one day while I was watching tv, I heard the cat crying again and thought to myself "thats really loud.." so I got up and looked outside and I saw this cute little kitten!

The way my apartment building is set up is theres 2 walls parallel to each other and in-between them theres some bushes and also where my big bedroom window is. When I investigated a little further I saw that there was a hole that was against one of the walls which is where the kitten had been living.

It makes sense that a cat lived out there because my cat is ALWAYS sitting on the windowsill looking outside but I always thought he was just being a little creep (haha). So anyways, I`ve been putting some water and food outside for him. After a few days I discovered it was just him living in the hole. My apartment complex has a lot of wild cats but whenever I saw them walking by, the kitten would run up to them and they just walked away and wanted nothing to do with him.

After seeing he had no mother around I decided I had to catch this poor little guy. And I tried EVERYTHING! I tried going up to him, sneaking up on him, and I even tried to lure him out using my cat but as soon as he saw me, he ran. I even tried waiting by my open window to see if I could grab him while he ate but he was too fast.

Finally, over the weekend when I went to see my parents, I borrowed a live trap cage from their friends. Its basically a cage that once they walk into it and step on the trigger, the door closes. It leaves them completely unharmed so don`t worry! The first night I used it (last night) I ended up catching a opossum! GROSS! I had my boyfriend and 2 of his roommates come over so they could release that thing.

I waited until this morning to set the trap again because I didn`t want to risk catching another opossum! Finally I heard my cat meowing by the window and when I looked outside, I saw the kitten in the trap! I was so happy.

He`s in my apartment right now. He`s very scared because I`m pretty sure he was born outside so he hasn`t had any contact with people. I`ve pet him a little bit and he hasn`t tried to bite me or scratch at me which is good but he`s still very hesitant. I`m hopefully going to take him to the vet if I can find one that won`t cost an arm and a leg because I`m a college student and don`t have much money laying around.

I also hope to find him a good home because my dad would flip if I got another pet lol oh by the way, my boyfriend named him Valentine. Cute, huh? Anyways, I thought you guys might want to hear a cute little story! If you have any ideas how to make him less scared and how to get him use to me, let me know!

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