I Can`t Decide My Degree :(

4 years ago

I`m so.... DESPERATE, yeah desperate is the right word... I`m on 12th garde, a month away from finish the academic year and I still don`t know what I want to do when I grow up...

This is getting on my nerves cos everone asks me that and when I say "I don`t freakin know" I always get the same response, you should know at this time, you`re almost graduated, but I DON`T KNOW and that`s making me so anxious and frustrated... It is not being good for my physcological health...

I don`t know what to do, I keep seeing degrees and more degrees and I just DON`T FEEL INTERESTED BY ANY OF THEM... and when I do, I loose all that inetrest...

I just don`t have a dream, I don`t, or ambitions, I never thought about what i wanted to be, I tohught that time would tell me but it isn`t and this makes me think "what will i do? i don`t have that much time... In 2 months I have to candidate for a degree!"

Tell me, how did you decided on your degree1 If you feel like you can help me please do!

Source link: http://www.sparkscollege.org/business-degrees/index.html

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