I Can`t Believe It`s Not Chocolate Cake

5 years ago

A few months ago I came across a recipe for a low-cal chocolate cake. I`m not a big fan of cooking. I`m the kind of person who would rather throw something in the microwave. So the real clincher for me was that there are only two recipes for the whole thing: any cake mix + any diet coke.

This makes the options very broad. Diet coke and Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix is what I`ve made so far, and I can guarantee that it is delicious. In fact, I now prefer it to the regular ingredients, as it comes out much more moist and doesn`t taste as sugar-y. I`ve also heard that vanilla cake mix with diet sprite or mountain dew is good, but have yet to try it.

Just to make sure that I wasn`t the only one who preferred this to the traditional cake mix, I made one for my boyfriend and family, and both agreed. More recently I mentioned it to the woman I work with, and she raved about how she and her family loved it. It should also be mentioned that while eggs aren`t required, they do make the cake rise more. For less calories, just use the whites.

As a side note, for those on Weight Watchers or just trying to eat healthier, skinnytaste is a great source for recipes. It lists WW points and all nutritional information.

Have fun trying out all the possible combos!

Has anyone else tried this recipe, and if so, what is your favorite combination?

Source link: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2008/12/diet-soda-cake-35-pts.html

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